Art & About 2012, Sydney

October 20, 2012

I whinged about the lack of sketching/drawing associated with last year’s Art & About, but I’ve noticed they’ve come good this year with a couple of minor events.

Originally I wanted to sketch the facade of St Andrews’ Cathedral, but as seen from across the road in George Street there are cars parked in front of it: it wouldn’t “read” well as a sketch. Also the ‘barren’ bits of unused footpath (between Town Hall station exits and George Street vehicles) kept being used by tourists today, so I couldn’t set up a shop there. I opted instead for a bus stop and spent 60mins before the shoppers start to crowd me out. Curious subconscious behaviour: bus commuters kept standing in my field of vision.

The first of five 60min sketches today (‘ve decided anything over 60mins qualifies as a “drawing” not a “sketch”):

I inadvertently included banners installed as part of Banner Gallery around town by Analiese Cairis, as part of this year’s Sydney Art & About. The ‘Galeries’ building at 500 George echoes a lot of the Art Deco detail found in many Sydney buildings. Directly behind it are the recognizable concrete verticals of the Sydney Hilton, and beyond that a building owned by State (?Bank).

I’m sticking to my plan to always include people in my streetscape/architecture sketches.


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