Ranamok Art Glass Prize 2012

October 20, 2012

Privately I resent the current fashion for glorifying Photography and Glass over other art forms, but let’s not go there…

I had not intention of sticking around to draw the glass at today’s Sydney Sketch Club meetup, not with so many wonderful Sydney buildings to draw in splendid sunlight. However, I realised that the foyer of 123 Angel Place is not always open to the general public and that I need to get into training for the large interiors of the forthcoming Sydney Open 2012. By rights, I should have done some thumbnails of the requisite perspectives, ut opted for two 60-min sketches from either end of the foyer. The interior perspectival work is timid but I managed to include some of my sketching colleagues in the frame:


Graphite pencil 4B and Prismacolor coloured pencils. I set myself a limit of 60 minutes on each sketch today.


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