Tempe NSW 2044: Edgar St construction site (continued)

October 21, 2012

An overcast day today, with no blue in the sky – just a pearlescent grey, reminiscent of Europe. On these days, contour is best; on sunny days, I can go for tone.

My mind is turning to Landscape, what with next week’s seascape potential (Sydney’s sculpture event). I sussed out a beach landscape at Little Bay during the week and serendipitously came across a residential cottage designed by my favourite architect, Walter Liberty Vernon. Also, I need to sketch the Tempe wetlands before they are concreted over.

But first things first. Not today’s Marrickville Festival (people sketching) but back to my local building site after the very sorry attempt last week (I was on the verge of throwing out my almost-new sketchbook and starting again – there’s nothing worse than baulking at Terrible Sketches every time you open your sketchbook). Yes, I considered gessoing over them with white acrylic or glueing together the pages.

Slow contour for sixty minutes in graphite pencil 4B; adding colour would have diminished the intricacy. As for a “record” of the subject, I won’t forget the brilliant pinks of the sandstone, the ochre of exposed stone in the quarry face and the subtle greys of the newly-laid concrete. The stones at the front gate have been there for three weeks, so I might be lucky and record their colour next weekend. Sunday is the only day of rest for the workers and trucks park where I normally take up my sketching position.

The contour reinforces the blandness and ordinariess of building sites around Sydney.



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