Baroque architecture, baroque music

October 26, 2012

I used to run a separate weblog based around my involvement with Early Music and the viola da gamba ( and that weblog is overdue for a makeover.

December however for me usual means either dreaming about or buying tickets to the annual production by Pinchgut Opera at Sydney’s City Recital Hall. At the moment, the word around town is Rameau,  since a Sydney dance company is doing one of his works and Pinchgut is doing one of his operas. I confess the last performance of Pinchgut I saw was by Charpentier, sitting high in the gods directly opposite the viole da gamba to watch my musical heroes. If I decide I can’t afford this year’s Rameau, I can always re-watch the DVD of his “Platee” by the Opera National de Paris (which I’m sure SBS TV will show again).

While I haven’t sketched my gambas in ages, not sketched the interior of the City Recital Hall (and it will be too dark to sketch the orchestral players of Pinchgut during performance), nor sketched the black stone cathedral in Clermont-Ferrand where Rameau worked (though I have lived there and its now the site of an annual sketching conference), here’s an old drawing I did yonks ago copied from my drawing hero then and now, Ernest A. Watson. I was searching yesterday among my sketchbooks for a sketch of some banksias done in Western Australia.

And here’s two more from the same period (December 1996) – graphite pencil on A4 – making me wonder why I don’t draw like this anymore…


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