Tempe NSW 2044 Edgar St building site

October 28, 2012

A grey brick wall has gone up near the Edgar Street entrance and the sandstone quarry face in the distance may start to disappear very quickly behind building work. I only discovered this after today’s sketch, comprising

* a dry-brush watercolour tinting of the cream 150gm pages (lost any sense of “path of light” through the sketch!), followed by

* penwork with a Pilot Varsity fountain pen in black ink (toyed with the violet ink to contrast with the orange sandstone),

* Prismacolor coloured pencils (which like the smooth surface of the painted background),

* graphite pencil Derwent 3B (mainly to provide some Misty Tonalism to the strong penwork and to regain a sense of my Usual Sketching Style ) and

* a small piece of collage paper found at the site.

Showing the influence of reading Karlyn Holman this week, the mark-making was more random and directionless than usual (the mark-making felt like it needed an A4 page instead). The overall result is very timid by Holman’s standards.

I’m surprised how each page of the current new sketchbook differs from the next – it’s as if several different sketchers were at work.

A very overcast afternoon, but the sun came out just as I was putting in the darks with graphite pencil.


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