Urban Sketchers Sydney

October 28, 2012

I’ve not been in this part of town for ages: I recall long weekend walks along Oxford Street Paddington, taking in Paddington Markets, the Town Hall, the Post Office, a delapidated Juniper Hall, sometimes a walk down to the hospital where I was born and the whisper of distant memories of having called into Chez Ivy once or twice and disliked it. These Reservoir Gardens used, I think, to be entirely covered over with grass, along with a petrol station at the intersection opposite the Town Hall, but have obviously had a makeover.

Current Sketching Materials Wish List:

* Daler-Rowney bound sketchbook, 5×8”, 150gm, cream paper, A5 (less than $20, Art on King, Newtown);

* Milini Hard Diaries (150gm, hardbound, A5) – $10.80+postage, www.artscene.com.au

* Derwent Tinted Charcoal (water-soluble charcoal), single pencils, complementing tin of 12 ($3.50ea, Art on King, Newtown);

* Derwent Graphitint (water-soluble graphite) tin of 24 ($40+postage, www.arthousedirect.com.au; $50+postage, http://www.artscene.com.au ; $52+postage www.artshedbrisbane.com.au; $55 Eckersley’s York Street Sydney);

* Caran d’Ache Neo-Color II, water-soluble crayons, tin of 48 (approx.$100+postage, www.artscene.com.au plus Kadmium Bay Street – but no product details on their website);

* Hahnemuhle Deluxe Journal, squarish, bound, 140gm, 15x20cm ($12.43+postage, www.arthousedirect.com.au);

* Watercolour, Winsor & Newton, Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Red and Permanent Magenta ($12.48ea+postage, www.arthousedirect.com.au; $13.45ea+postage www.artscene.com.au );

* Copic markers (sale, $8ea+postage, www.arthousedirect.com.au);

* Imitation gold loose leaf (100 sheets, $37.05+postage, www.artscene.com.au).


* Perfectly happy with Daler-Rowney 150gm sketchbooks (roughly three signatures a fortnight currently), but curious to try Hanhemuhle;

* Have always found charcoal too “rough” and unsuited for bound sketchbooks, but am still keen to enlarge the ‘cools’ of the tin set of 12 to include some more ‘warms’ – they are likely to get a run in Life Drawing;

* I’ve come to the conclusion that if Ernest A. Watson were alive today, he’d be using contemporary pencils, such as coloured graphite and coloured charcoal – he wouldn’t be restricting himself to just graphite 2B/4B/6B on Bristol Board;

* Derwent have Graphitone (2B-9B) for use with water, but despite the wondrous urban sketching of Kiah Kiean in monochrome (who uses 4B and 9B graphite – on single, large pages I note; graphite of that softness rubs off in sketchbooks), I’m constantly trying to pull myself towards Colour.

* Perfectly happy with my Winsor & Newton field set after two years, but am curious to enlarge the colour range. The most frustrating are the greens: Matisse Structure, for example, have Australian greens (which I’ve used in acrylic) – perhaps I should test these acrylics as very light water washes.

* Have doubts about water-soluble crayon smudging in bound sketchbooks.


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