Horses, Kangaroos, Bettongs, Possums

November 27, 2012

Australian Museum, Sydney.

Some of the mark making is becoming a bit slick, so need to up the ante and move to colour. Logistically, there is the challenge of working standing up and in darkened rooms!

I’ve moved from kangaroos to the skeleton of the bettong (a rat kangaroo) and the smaller wallabies (no more than two foot high). The stuffed possums cling to their branches but by rights I ought to have started with their skeletons in the Skeleton Room. For them, the freedom required by the hand – especially with the rounded curves of the Possums – really demands an A4 sketchbook rather than this 5×8″.

While Andras Szunyoghy’s book, “Anatomy Drawing School: Human, Animal, Comparative Anatomy” (Konemann, 1996) tells me all I need to know about Horses, I’m ‘on my own’ when it comes to Australian animals.

Next visit, some colour notes!


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