St Eulalia Cathedral, Barcelona

November 29, 2012

graphite pencil 8B

Another daily drawing from photographs in the “virtual” Barcelona series. Even at one District a week, this series will go for ten weeks. I can’t imagine going to Barcelona in person without beforehand doing the necessary ‘observational’ research inherent in sketching.

Not sure yet exactly what the particular characteristics of Catalan Gothic architectural style are, but the principal Christian church in the Barrio Gotico, the oldest District 1 of Barcelona, is the medieval Cathedral, supplanting an earlier Romanesque building. It has a large cloister attached which has the air of a tropical rainforest and in which live 13 famed geese, symbolic of the saint who died aged 13. The interior of the church is extraordinarily ornate, but I thinks lacks the standard transept.

I’m not aware of the words for “church” or “cathedral” in Judeo-Spanish/Ladino or Medieval Spanish, but (further to yesterday’s sketch), the Ladino word for “synagogue” is certainly kal.


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