Eveleigh Farmer’s Market

December 8, 2012

The Sydney Sketch Club Meetup gathered at 243 Wilson Street Eveleigh for the Saturday farmer’s market. It seemed churlish to draw buildings and architectural detail when this was a ready-made opportunity to draw Newtown Families At Play. After a time, certain characteristics emerged: fedoras, white singlets, big black dogs, infants, baby strollers, pushbikes. I started with a Cezanne-like arrangement of colourful vegetables next to the Eumundi Smokehouse stall and moved to seated people eating breakfast (observed surreptitiously – hard to find a spot where I wasn’t exposed!) to the backs of standing customers to still more seated individuals.

5×8″ 118g Strathmore Toned Tan sketchbook, Staedtler fineliner pen. Later in the morning I started adding white pastel pencil (moving towards the classic Three Pencils technique but not quite reaching it) as well as an overlay of  Pilot Varsity fountain pen (black, violet) to provide some market context. Managed four double-spreads over 2.5hrs, here scanned backwards from midday to 9.30am. Have sussed out some interesting architectural detail, but will return at another time when there are no people. A couple of brave colleagues tackled plein air watercolour.

Eveleigh Farmers Market 4 Eveleigh Farmers Market 3 Eveleigh Farmers Market 2 Eveleigh Farmers Market 1


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