Sydney – Christmas in the City, 2012

December 22, 2012

A sketchcrawl with Sydney Sketch Club Meetup, with no graphite pencils in sight. Hot and humid but an overcast “white sky” throughout.

Some pre-meetup warm-ups with a quite waxy PITT pencil, with W&N watercolour added: a good 15mins at the railway station, then a view up to Macquarie Street from Martin Place.

Martin Place Sydney

I’ve determined to maximise people-sketching at Sydney Sketch Club meetups and not focus solely on architecture. I wasn’t able to capture the delicate pink-red (?) of the foam antlers and a darker red when in shade, but over the PITT pencil I worked Caran d’Ache 9B pencil. Looking all the world like a Toulouse-Lautrec danseuse, these sellers work in pairs selling red foam antlers on behalf of a cancer charity. This one was in black tights and a white T.

Street seller Martin Place

Drawing people in Martin Place attracted to the giant Christmas tree didn’t make for the best people sketching; only the baby strollers stood still.

scan0013 scan0015

Moved away from the tree for this view up Barrack Street towards Clarence Street (right) and a view down Martin Place towards the tree, the GPO and George Street (right), with police issuing on-the-spot fines to youths drinking alcohol in a public place.

Martin Place Christmas Tree

Sketchers at lunch – great practice in quick poses of arms and hands, but unable to capture likenesses of colleagues because of the animated conversation which I missed. At least the still life of food and drink managed to stay still!



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