Walter Liberty Vernon: Little Bay residence

April 14, 2013


View looking west of a residence at Little Bay, designed by Walter Liberty Vernon, in association with the former hospital in the vicinity. Modern residences have been built behind it (far left). The pine-lined street at far right is Pine Avenue. The residence is not among any of the buildings listed online, but is acknowledged locally with interpretative signage at the front fence.


As you can see it’s been renovated within an inch of its life and judging from the signage on the property boundary, it’s interesting to note the extent to which the eastern verandah has been enclosed.



“Pine Cottage” was designed and constructed by the Government Architect, Walter Liberty Vernon, in 1901 as the Clerk and Storekeepers Quarters for the Coast Hospital. The hospital, established distant to Sydney for the cure and management of infectious diseases, maintained the quality and feel, as well as the remoteness, that dictated the architectural language of the barracks. In reality. the cottage was inhabited by the hospital manager, Mr T. Goldrick. Later his new wife Elsie Marion Medcalf joined him until the cottage was as a nursing training school in 1937. Roads, tramways, motor vehicles and urbanization brought the Coast Hospital to the city and infectious diseases no longer posed the threat that it did originally.


Here’s an early morning sketch from a month ago. The very clean lines and smooth finishes of painted timberwork associated with the modern make-over make it very desirable from a sketching point of view.


A4 Milini 150g sketchbook, double-page spread, about 60mins, from 8am.

And this week, a more closely-observed sketch, paying more attention to accurate measurement and proportion, though still in love with the shadows in the verandah. The eastern verandah is in full shade by 9am.


A4 Milini 150g sketchbook, graphite pencil H, early morning, 40mins  from 8am. 


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