Strathmore 2013 online workshop, Week 4 (1)

May 28, 2013

female nude 1 female nude 1a female nude 2 female nude 2a scan0040

I’m finding the first reference photo for the final week of this current workshop very problematic. I notice my student colleagues are not posting their attempts of it to the Strathmore workshop Gallery, so perhaps I’m not the only one experiencing difficulties. To my chagrin, I’ve come to the realization that there’s no-one I can turn to; no-one in my immediate circle of acquaintances can draw the female figure to perfection.

In the first sketch, I drew the head too big for the body. You can see I’ve corrected that, at least to shoulder level, in the second. Time to re-do from scratch.

From the size of the leg in the foreground, it’s obvious that the camera is giving us some foreshortening to work with. The exact position, or rather a convincing enough position, for the other leg escapes me. The fact that her ear lobe seems to be attached to her neck is also a worry. I thought I had the position in relation to the skull correct and the angle from one elbow to the other also correct, but perhaps not. The fact that her torso looks so grossly triangular is a source of concern.

Of particular concern is the skull, the theory of which I thought I’d ‘worked out’ a long time ago. Perhaps I need to compensate a lot for what’s not obvious in the photo.

A smaller head in the third sketch, but as you can see from the fourth, I’m still unsure about the angles involved.

Ought I too persist or move on to the second and third reference photos? One last approach is open to me: work from the background and negative spaces (i.e. recreate the furniture in the art studio) and thereby create a ‘def facto’ positive space for the female figure.

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