Strathmore 2013 online workshop – follow-up work

June 14, 2013

I’ve got two whole Strathmore toned paper spiral 9×12″ sketchbooks to fill up, so they are getting a workout following the Strathmore 2013 online workshop.  This is mainly about learning how to juggle soft graphite pencil and white charocal pencil: what to use when and to what degree one can work on or into the other.

female nude 2 001

Still struggling with the female figure; I’m not measuring the head and shoulders properly (shoulders ought to be 1 and 1/2 heads wide) and struggling with the contour of the back from shoulders to hip, just for starters. Introduced some color today with Prismacolor colored pencils.

chris lopez american footballer

I’m working from reference photos with very strong, “exaggerated” lighting. Working very quickly, I’m resisting the idea of working with masses of very slow feathery lines to build up the masses. The first is from Chris Lopez and in the second, the footballer’s helmet will be ideal for some work in Prismacolor colored pencils. I left off the footballer because I got the proportions of his face wrong.

inferno canto 1 001 gargoyle

I came across this leopard and was inspired by a review of Clives James’ recent translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy. This my is my lonza from the first canto of the Inferno.

The visit to Sydney University by the Urban Sketchers Sydney group threw up some sandstone gargoyles. I did this at home from a photo because a location sketch would have involved standing looking up in the rain. Closer observation shows this captain of industry to be a frog.


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