Watercolor – working from monochrome to polychrome

July 10, 2013

Start with a reference photo and render it in pencil.

eilean donan castle pencil

Move to a monochromatic Payne’s Gray over light pencil construction lines:

eilean donan castle paynes gray

Have another go laying in colour over pencil construction lines – Step 1. very watery washes for the sky and distant hills; Step 2. less-water-and-more-paint for the “basic” colours;  Step. 3  reinforce the shadows using much drier paint (almost no water at all).

eilean donan castle watercolor

Absolutely critical is to leave the painting to dry completely between each step.

Repeat dozens, if not hundreds, of times in the studio. When the process becomes habitual and automatic, try watercolor painting outdoors.


One Response to “Watercolor – working from monochrome to polychrome”

  1. scrounger1984 Says:

    How do you get rid of pencil marks??

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