Sketching animals and rendering fur: rabbits & hares

July 13, 2013

One of the first to use watercolor and bodycolor in Western art in an authoritative manner was Albrecht Durer. Here’s his 1502 hyper-realist “Young Hare”, where he’s been keen to run the eye towards the hare’s eyes with his use of white via the ears in particular:

durer young hare

Hans Hoffman copied the Durer, with his own twist, in 1528. he pursued the same visual path as Durer by concentrating on white.

Note that he honored his predecessor by quoting Durer’s monogram.

hans hoffmann hare 1528

Here’s a thumbnail of mine based on a stuffed specimen (in a rather bizarre stance) in the Australian Museum, Sydney:

australian museum rabbit


One Response to “Sketching animals and rendering fur: rabbits & hares”

  1. Have been painting interior of my flat…which I guess counts as artistic endeavor. However, all rabbit sketches tell me I need to finish my “re-decorating” and get busy with my pens/paper!!!! 2 rooms to go…..

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