Daily Watercolour – Cairo street

March 19, 2014

My established routine is 5 minutes underdrawing and 25 minutes watercolor drawing on Arches Smooth hotpress 185gsm, around A5 size.Cairo Street colour photograph

1. DRAWING. My focus to day is not just the “path of light” down through the middle but the fact that the detail of the foreground building has to be more defined and accurate than the detail in the background buildings. There are lots of tell-tale orthogonal perspective lines to take care of as well. Here’s the grayscale version of the reference photo I’ll be painting from.Cairo Street grayscale

2. PAINTING. Aiming for better negative painting of people in the foreground and generally getting perspective ellipses and straight lines in order.cairo street watercolor

3. ANALYSIS. I felt I needed to glaze over the left to remove any whites competing with the far right. The initial darks weren’t dark enough and I think that’s mostly a matter of judging the pigment-water ratio. Any misgivings I happen to be feeling need to be put aside because it’s less about rapid improvement and more about “brush mileage”: simply painting and painting and painting, wearing out one brush after another. Additional, deeper understanding of the subject matter would have been much more evident if I’d done several intense observational drawings previously, but I’m here emulating working on-site without any prior ‘preparation’.

cairo street watercolor grayscale



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