Daily watercolor – Oslo sculpture

April 2, 2014

oslo sculpture watercolour

I thought I’d add figurative into the mix, while still sticking to my regimen of 5 mins drawing and 20 mins watercolour painting. I’m scheduled to go into the field and do some watercolor drawing of outdoor statues in a few days’ time, though it’s been raining non-stop for over a week.

DRAWING. I ought to have found some mechanical means of copying the reference photo, even tracing it against a window pane, but thought I needed the drawing practice so drew it freehand.

PAINTING. Because of the stark stylistic nature of the subject matter, I decided to stick to two colours, Reeves Payne’s Gray and Cerulean Blue. I exaggerated the white whites and dark darks. Two weaknesses became apparent: the ankles (left) and clasped hands (left), errors which would have been more than likely fixed had this been done on site and not from a photo. I’m still learning how much accuracy is required in a watercolor under-drawing – where I must be tight and where I can be loose. Today’s shows up the need for practising graduated washes a lot more. I am however learning how much water to have on the brush at any one time.

As for the spots, I’ve learned not to fiddle with my travel palette too closely to the work! This is probably worth re-doing sometime (as are other similar works in this Oslo sculpture garden), including practising with a more accurate traced drawing (as well as freehand drawing) and getting the shadows more accurate.

A4, Arches Smooth 185 gsm paper; Reeves Payne’s Gray and Cerulean Blue



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