USk Sydney sketchcrawl – St Peters NSW 2044

April 5, 2014

I cut up an Arches Smooth 185gsm sheet into eight A4s today and joined USk Sydney colleagues for a sketchcrawl through St Peters NSW 2044.

My aim today was to put brush to paper over a pencil sketch within 10mins of choosing a location and packing up 20mins later (feeling rather like a cadet soldier learning to strip down a gun and put it back together again in record time). Hence, four sketches in three hours…

st peters MAY LANE


Here’s the first of four 30min sketches of the day,  involving great potential ‘interconnectivity’ between the object and its shadow (involving pressing down to the ferrule with the dark pigment). I tipped in reference photos (colour and grayscale) so I can see where I can improve (e.g. establishing a pattern of darks!). I worked rather too small; I “understood” the shadows in the doorway but failed to execute them.

st peters COUNCIL ST

Here’s the second involving more considered drawing. I tended towards ‘colouring-in’ but failed to establish darks and mid-tones. Things fell apart when the foreground linear perspective of the footpath failed to meet its extension in the middle ground. The reference photos were taken 3hrs later – interesting shadows (and the sky was white before)!


The third involved even more considered drawing  – and even more “colouring-in”. I am happiest with this because it represents a transition between Drawing and Painting, notwithstanding a tendency to look like an architect’s concept drawing. I’m a sucker for Payne’s Gray.


The last of the day was a rushed job – all over in less than 15mins instead of the established routine of 30mins from start to finish. I’m learning not to proceed to the painting unless the drawing is correct/not distorted. Again, the tipped-in reference photos were taken three hours later, so I won’t tackle this subject at midday again.

st peters CAMPBELL ST




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