Life drawing @ Newtown #3

July 27, 2014

life drawing newtown 27jul14 2life drawing newtown 27jul14 3life drawing newtown 27jul14 4life drawing newtown 27jul14 5 Five of the better sketches of the session, some showing the interpolation of a black Conte pencil which creates a stronger sense of immediacy and the “definite” compared to the more “sensitive” graphite pencil.

For short poses (2- and 5-min), I worked A4 photocopy paper in black Conte pencil and hard graphite pencils (3H, HB, 2B). For long poses (20-mins), I worked A3 cartridge in black Conte pencil.

There’s still too much arbitrary linearity but I am working with generally less haste than previously, aware perhaps of what I’m able to get down within the set time frames.

The ten-minute semi-recumbent pose ended up being within A4-size though done on A3 paper. The 20-minute recumbent poses spread right across the A3 paper and I’ve reproduced here an A4 detail only.

Because of the confines of this particular studio setting, it’s impossible to work in A2 because that requires stepping back from one’s work periodically.

Not included here are sketches of the first 20-minute pose, with the model in almost complete darkness and the single spotlight shining in my eyes; it turned out to be a difficult exercise in capturing slivers of light at the outer edge of body contours.

life drawing newtown 27jul14 1


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