Proko Tracing #2

December 7, 2014

tracing 2 before tracing 2 after

Day 2 and Tracing #2 from Proko’s Anatomy for Artists at

I decided to do “before” and “after” sketches to define precisely what I know and is front-of-mind, what I know but have forgotten and what I now know what I never knew.

Done before watching the videoclip, the “before” short shows the muscle names I knew in black and I added, with a little help from one of the books by Civardi, some of the muscle names and landmarks I’d forgotten, in grey.

In the business world, we “know” according to what we measure (if it’s not being measured, it’s not getting done). In anatomy and figure drawing, unless I know the name of what I’m drawing, I’m probably drawing it incorrectly or vaguely. It’s the same with drawing buildings. Unless I know and see the architectural structure and stylistic features, then I’ll be haphazard. I may not wish to include all the architectural detail, but I have to convey to the viewer that I’ve seen it and know it’s there.

There are refinements in the draw-along “after” sketch, especially around the shoulders and interstices. I need to reinforce some of these refinements in my figure drawing. I’ve learned over the years that great artists “help” their viewers by “upping” certain anatomical features; I just need to do the same.


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