Proko Tracing #2 supplementary figure drawing practice

December 8, 2014

A quick torso sketctracing 2 supph, supplementing the tracing #2 of Anatomy for Artists,, from a reference photo – graphite HB and 4B on A4 photocopy paper.

This is an exercise in anatomy informing my figure drawing – neither an expressive drawing, nor a mechanistic anatomical schematic. There’s a lot going on in the deltoid and triceps which I don’t yet fully understand – these two muscles are visibly under of a lot of flexion because the model is plainly pushing down on his hands.

I’ve adopted a strong contour technique in the area from the chin to the iliac crest, imitating the very strong contour of the likes of the Michelangelo frescoes.

I got a little carried away with the head, which is not the point of the exercise. And I really ought to have ‘stretched’ my figure drawing by blocking in the imagined whole of the figure but, hey, this is all about some new-found understandings of torso anatomy.



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