Proko Tracing #3

December 8, 2014

tracing 3 aftertracing 3 beforeDay 3 and Tracing #3 from Anatomy for Artists by

I’m testing what I think I already know with a “before” sketch and muscle names. Watching the Proko videoclip and coming up with an “after” sketch helps reinforce that and extend my knowledge that little bit further.

Today I’m thinking a bit more about the two heads of the sternocleidomastoids and the thyroid cartilages (obviously stronger forms in men). The abs and obliques are becoming easier. I’m starting to tune in a bit more to Prokopenko’s verbal cues about the origins and insertions of various muscles, something which will become clearer later on.

But two big weaknesses in my current level of understanding are painfully obvious: the direction of the extensor groups and the three areas of the pecs.  Regarding the latter, I’m reminded of the famous da Vinci anatomical sketches in the Royal Collection which I need, even learning to draw them from memory!

da vinci detail

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