Proko Tracing #3 supplementary figure drawing practice

December 12, 2014


tracing 3 supp freehand

Graphite HB and 4B on A4 photocopy paper from a reference photo. Not so worried about wonky proportions, just keen on transcribing anatomical landmarks from the photo to my sketch. Happy to note both acromions as well as subtleties in the sternocleidomastoid, plus where light falls on the bony bits at the elbow and wrist. You’d think 64 pages of drawings, done in the last fortnight, based on Proko’s Figure Drawing Fundamentals Pars 1-6 would yield better results than this!

tracing 3 supp tracingUndeterred, I did a tracing on to tracing paper, marking key landmarks and muscles.

I’m trying to postpone my need to work on the skull and face till a later date.


One Response to “Proko Tracing #3 supplementary figure drawing practice”

  1. Your determination is admirable…I attempt to bring mine up to [your] speed. Not quite there. Yet….

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