Anatomy for Artists – Joints #1,2 of 6

December 27, 2014

Synovial joints is to muscles as geological formation is to landscape. If I’m aware of joints, then I’m hopeful of portraying muscles more convincingly.

I notice the Proko course assignments are closely related to drawings of George Bridgman, the founder of the teaching of modern figure drawing. I needed to look closely at bones (which necessitated knowing their names) and the use of colour helped to differentiate important bone structures.

I notice many of my colleagues are doing this digitally but I can see value in doing the whole thing freehand, even though I’m ignoring correct proportions between forearm and hand, for example.

With this level of detail, working small is a problem. For scanning purposes they are all being done on A4 photocopy paper and because of the increasing complexity, I am resorting to overlays of tracing paper.

The endgame is perspectival accuracy, which has also underpinned the other course, Figure Drawing Fundamentals. Hence, the focus on perspective increases with each set.


1: Upper Limb, anterior. Rough sketch, coming to grips with joint types.

joint 1 rough










2: Acromioclavicular joint.

joint 3 overlay 2

joint 2 underlay

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