Anatomy for Artists, Joints #3,4 of 6

December 27, 2014

3: Elbow/hand.

The learning curve is very steep, but the rotation of the radialis (it ‘radiating’ around the ulnavs the humerus hinged to the ulna-elbow is becoming clearer, as is the distinction between the ‘block’ of the carpals and the separate phalanges. I think I drew the saddle joint at the base of the thumb in the wrong direction. Again, I’m not worrying about drawing everything to the correct scale.

joint 3 underlay

joint 3 overlayjoint 3 overlay 3



























4. Upper Limb, posterior.

I’m simplifying things now that I know the names of the bones, aiming for some sort of coherent perspectival scheme but resisting the urge to use tone. Simplifying perspective even further would probably be a consequence of using charcoal rather than graphite. At any rate, I’m coming to grips with planes.

joint 4


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