Daily Painting Challenge, January 2015, Day 5

January 5, 2015










oil on canvas paper, 8×12″

Project 6: Colour without contour

This is the sixth in Arthur Stern’s 22 projects developing skill in colour mixing, a bright colour palette and palette knife technique.










A first statement was done in quick-drying acrylics 24hrs previously. This helps me subconsciously consider things like colour mixing overnight before laying in the second statement in oils.

The particular project is an exercise in helping the artist move away from the grip contour ordinarily has on colour. It’s vital not to fake or “restore” a contour which isn’t visible. This exercise also represents an important move away from the primaries to analogous colours – blue, green and yellow.

A third statement will be done in a week or so after the paint dries.

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days, January 2015, organised by Leslie Saeta (http://lesliesaeta.blogspot.com.au).

Other participants in the challenge whose work is catching my eye include:




I’m being exposed to artists with sales functions on their weblogs. I notice a number who use DPW Fine Arts (http://www.dailypaintworks.com) to sell their work, though most either don’t sell outside the USA or don’t send items to Australia. The current asking price in America appears to be around $US175 for a 6×6″ alla prima oil painting unframed on gessoboard. The bar for such paintings appears to have been set by Duane Kaiser, founder of the Daily Painting movement, with $US100 as his minimum auction reserve. The additional $75 appears to defray handling costs, postage costs in part and also online auction commissions.

Reference: Stern, Arthur. How to see color and paint it: a series of projects designed to open your eyes to colors you never saw before. New York, Watson-Guptill, 1984.


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