Daily Painting Challenge, January 2015, Day 17

January 19, 2015















oil on canvas panel, 6×6″

I was anticipating working with seashells today in the style of Van der Ast, but I came across this very small unripe mandarin on a local footpath. It looks like somebody had pulled it off a tree, though why, when it was so obviously unripe, is a mystery.












Unexpectedly, the sun came out while I was painting it and dramatically changed the colour palette. Reds became oranges. Areas of spectacular radiance looked dull on the canvas. I had to work quickly to get down what I was seeing. The tonal range of greens in the fruit was uniform; the range of oranges and reds, with green shadows, took me completely by surprise.

I’m becoming disaffected with this particular way of working. It illuminates certainly, but the scope for adjusting becomes limited. As with daily sketching, with which I’ve been long familiar, gesture too often wins out over structure. Perhaps daily painting doesn’t fit my disposition.



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