Daily Painting Challenge, January 2015, Day 20

January 21, 2015













Polyvinyl acetate

oil on canvas panel, 6×6″

I’ve returned to a Morandi-style still life of plastic containers today; very rough-and-ready. After nearly three weeks of palette knife, I’m looking forward to using a brush again.











Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days, January 2015, organised by Leslie Saeta (http://lesliesaeta.blogspot.com.au).

Reference: Stern, Arthur. How to see color and paint it: a series of projects designed to open your eyes to colors you never saw before. New York, Watson-Guptill, 1984.



2 Responses to “Daily Painting Challenge, January 2015, Day 20”

  1. cavepainter Says:

    Nice balance. Interesting how the upper portions of the bottles seem nestled into the background from the paint ridges.

  2. rodbyatt Says:

    Thanks! I find the lack of accuracy in the perspective jarring, but then even Morandi was a bit wayward sometimes. The “gesture” sometimes takes over, so here the bottles seem stuck to each other, as if huddling together – again something in common with Morandi. I’m still experimenting with the order in which to paint; today I did the back wall last, hence the ridges. The impasto can often disrupt aerial perspective but I guess that’s part of its charm. I’m “leaving in” lots of things I’m not sure about; deleting only the very worst effects. Part of me wants to review all this month’s paintings next month and spend all of next month correcting the doubtful or suspect effects. Repeated swipes with the knife increases the risk of colour contamination so I’m really limiting myself to as few as possible. However, it’s the unanticipated contamination which often creates attractive effects – “painterliness” sometimes dominates the main game of correct colour mixing and matching.

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