Daily Painting Challenge, January 2015, Day 23

January 24, 2015

marrickville 1 23jan15 001









watercolour on 240gsm paper

Because of the extreme mid-summer heat currently, I’ve found it difficult to do anything in addition to, or other than, a daily painting. Indoors the temperature creeps up to around 40 degrees Centigrade. I can only assume daily painters work in climate-controlled studios, because my physical limit is around 35. No work today.

With a lull in the heat yesterday, I was however able to do some urban sketching outdoors. Also, yesterday’s compilation of the last nine days’ work made me realize I’d been concentrating on surfaces – shiny, transparent, translucent. These nine-day collages are becoming psychological watersheds, allowing me to pause momentarily, mainly to check that I’m moving right around the colour palette. The bright colours are disconcerting for me personally, but colour mixing is a valuable experimentation.

days 14 to 22










I’ve not done any plein air painting of late, and so while the heat continues, I’m anticipating a change from still lifes to landscapes using photographs as their starting point. Photographs because often for me the most interesting landscapes are impossible to draw or paint in situ.

While totally unhappy with yesterday’s watercolor, it hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for tackling urban landscapes from now till the end of the month.

I listened to Carol Marine’s podcast on http://savvy.painter.com. I’ve gone ahead and ordered her book, Daily Painting, mainly in the hope that I’ll discover how she factors in paint drying, post-painting glazes and picture varnish (and their respective drying times). I assume long drying times are factored into the timing of blogposts and online sales, for her and for others. Personally, there would have to be a hiatus of several months between painting and final picture varnish.


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