Creative Fashion Shoot, white-on-white

October 8, 2015

IMG_5658 IMG_5654 IMG_5629 IMG_5620
























Workshop led by photographer, Ben Scott.

Event: Sydney Photography Club.

Lighting: Christopher Getts & Pania Newport. Makeup: Rebecca Montgomery.

Hair: Kabuki Mee.

Model: Hannah.

Location: Studio 501 Photographic Studio Hire, Surry Hills.

This was an exercise in “white-on-white”, a high single light with the model very close to a white wall/floor backdrop. This is harsh light territory! The obvious focus was the unusual shoes; important also was the creation of strong shadow – very sharp when the model was leaning up against the wall, and softer when standing free. At the time of shooting, I wasn’t paying sufficient attention to the silhouette of the shadows – some developed an unfortunate visual life of their own. Not show here are the dozen or so photos eliminated because of too much conflict in the stripes: I’ve learned a few lessons here about striped clothing and the need to ‘maintain’ them with a minimum of wrinkles. One key issue is the fall of the hair over the face and the obvious one in the first two photos is the label inside the jacket. Yes, one could airbrush it out later but the photographer has to be attentive to this level of detail and ideally eliminate it at the time of the shoot.


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